Vision & Mission


We envision a unified Indian trade goods market that's driven by economic process and regularly provides tier playfield for all stakeholders starting from the first producer to the end-consumer; corrects historical aberrations within the system; leverages technology to attain exceptional efficiencies and ultimately cause a standard world market. we have a tendency to additionally envision a whole image for MCX that identifies it because of the Exchange of selection not solely by direct participants within the trade goods system however additionally by the final public.


MCX shall accomplish the higher than vision by unrelentingly endeavoring to boost awareness and understanding of Exchange-enabled interchange trade goods derivatives. The Exchange can still minimize the adverse effects of worth volatilities; provide trade goods system participants with neutral, secure and clear trade mechanisms; be formulating quality parameters and trade laws in conjunction with the administrative body. Moreover, it'll still enforce a policy toward unethical trade practices-attempted or real-by any participant/s; and invest in the comprehensive development of the trade goods system.